February 2, 2017 Vartany

In Episode 4 of Live with Dr. Armen Vartany, the Doctor answers your questions on the differences between a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction, and which one you should get. https://youtu.be/yyi6YZNIRFA Live with Dr. Armen Vartany is broadcast Live on Thursdays at 12:40pm on www.Facebook.com/VartanyPlasticSurgery and on Instagram from your mobile device @DrVartany. 

January 18, 2017 Vartany

Plastic Surgery is not longer “faux pas” for men. Truth be told, many of our celebrity man crushes have had work done. Here’s the ones who have been manly enough to admit it! In a procedure that took an hour and half, Michael Douglas underwent a “Face Augmentation” inside a private room of the St. Regis Hotel in Century City.   To break the British stereotype of having bad teeth, Christian Bale replaced his teeth with implants after moving to USA in the early 1990’s claiming it made him look “more American”.     After leaving wrestling for Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock”…