8 Hollywood Leading Men Open Up About Plastic Surgery.

Plastic Surgery is not longer “faux pas” for men. Truth be told, many of our celebrity man crushes have had work done. Here’s the ones who have been manly enough to admit it!

In a procedure that took an hour and half, Michael Douglas underwent a “Face Augmentation” inside a private room of the St. Regis Hotel in Century City.
To break the British stereotype of having bad teeth, Christian Bale replaced his teeth with implants after moving to USA in the early 1990’s claiming it made him look “more American”.
After leaving wrestling for Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shed a lot of muscle. But, diagnosed with gynecomastia, he couldn’t shed the fat build up on his chest regardless of working out. So “The Rock” opted in to liposuction to fix the unfixable.
The famous radio personality, Howard Stern, well known for always hiding behind a pair of dark tinted glasses, decided to boost his confidence by getting a nose job and a facelift.
Even one of America’s most charming leading males, George Clooney, has been under the knife. He got an eyelid surgery to reduce the bagginess and excess skin in his eyelids.
Though minor, Brad Pitt gained a huge boost of confidence when, early in his career, he got his ears tacked after believing they stuck out too far.
America’s favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay, received a chin enhancement to straighten his jawline. He also got a minor facelift and botox at the persuasion of his wife and kids.
Tom Cruise openly admits to getting a rhinoplasty (nose job) early in his career. At the 2016 BAFTA Awards, Mr. Cruise revealed that he had additional work done to his forehead, cheeks, and chin.

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